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Iott Architecture and Engineering has been founded as a holistic practice based on the integration of architecture and engineering concepts fundamental for every project we do; regardless of service area or project size. We’ve been practicing sustainability since 1991 without touting it as our latest trend.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I've worked with Keith for over 14 years to develop a magnificent property on Assawoman Bay in Ocean City. While the design has changed multiple times as we have struggled with the best use of the property; I can only say that Keith has been more of a partner than simply the hired architect. His enthusiasm for the project has never wavered, and the amount of passion and dedication he put into the project was amazing. Now - as we are about to break ground - I commend Keith and his team on their hard work and dedication as we see our project about to unfold.

  • The entire team at Iott Architecture & Engineering is a pleasure to work with. They are highly experienced and exceptionally capable. I will hire them again and I'll recommend them highly as well.

  • My company hired Iott Architecture & Engineering to overlook a retail business build. Their team displayed the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

  • I was thoroughly impressed with Iott Architecture & Engineering's expertise. They assessed the specialty requirements of the location and found exceptional solutions to the build. I will continue to recommend them.

  • The team at Iott Architecture & Engineering is phenomenal. They are all patient and highly knowledgable. They are are absolute pleasure to work with.

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Sustainability Isn't A Trend. We've Been Practicing It Since 1991. 

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